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About us

The Company was founded in 2007 and is specializing in solutions manufacturing erection of great variety of roof and cladding systems.
David Buzo CEO of Alum- Gag LTD has been "born" to this field since he was 17 years old (more then 40 years). And has a vast and versatile experience.
The company built itself to become one of the experienced company in the construction industry in Israel by having:
* New and up-dated machines
* By having up-dated know-how.
* Having good and experience technicians and good and reliable erection teams.

Alum-GAG can provide and supply to other erection companies or even to the end-user large range of roofing, cladding ventilated façade systems in add tapes of materials such as:
Aluminum, HPL, Steel, Aluzinc, Honeycomb etc.

Alum-GAG are able to provide a services, technical support and projects execution for commercial public and private buildings.
Since 2015 Alum-GAG has the latest know-how and mechanization for Honeycomb facade and HPL boards with the new 4221 CNC and the last model of the Alu-Bender automatic station.
With all of the plan facilities, Alum-GAG can provide to the client product and projects with the best quality and excellence accuracy. The product you will get from Alum-GAG manufacturing line, without a doubt, will insure you the best effect on your building.

In cases heavy steel, frames or beams are involved, Alum-GAG is working with cooperation's of Israeli and Turkish companies.
When light steel frames are designed 30-50 tons, it can be done easily in Alum-GAG factory.
Alum-GAG is a flexible manufacturing and erection company which like to study and improve and stay Up-dated in new systems methods and materials.

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